Directed by PH+BEN, the animation short film Outside is SHED's first original production, produced in collaboration with SideFX. A wonderful story completely animated in Houdini and rendered in Mantra.

+ Credits
A SHED / SideFX Production Written & Directed by PH & Ben Executive Producers Renaud Cote Kim Davidson Produced by PH Art & Design Benoit Therriault LookDev/Shading/Lighting/Rendering Philippe Sylvain Character Modeling Gaël Jacques PH & Ben Set Modeling Alexandre Jose de Moraes Assumpcao Additional Modeling Mikhail Semionov Michael Coutu David St-Amant Hair/Fur Grooming Gaël Jacques John Mariella Rigging TD Carlos Valcárcel Animation David St-Amant Camilo Guaman Gonzalez Pierre-Hugues Dallaire Textures Sabrina Gendron FX/Simulation Hakim Harrouche Pipeline/Tools TD Jonathan Pépin Gagné Amazing Mr.Fix-It Guillaume Laferrière Resource Coordinator Charles de Gagné Key Production Contact at SideFX Birgit Neil – Senior Account Executive Production Support at SideFX Cristin Barghiel – VP Product Development Kim Davidson – President & CEO Janet Fraser – Senior Account Executive Michael Goldfarb – Senior Technical Director Michiel Hagedoom – 3D Software Developer Richard Hamel – VP Sales & Marketing Christopher Hebert – Marketing Director Guillaume Laferrière – 3D Software Developer Edward Lam – Senior Software Architect John Mariella – Senior Animator Jeff Wagner – Senior Technology Consultant Music/Sound Design/Mixing Jean-François Primeau Special Thanks Alexandra Quesnel Sach Baylin-Stern Gabriel Grenier Sylvain Lebeau Hélène Roux-Bordage Guillaume Combeaud Thomas Michael Heïdi Caron Marie-Ève Gagnon Carla Avila Corella Nadia Khiali Pierre Dallaire Françoise Girard MacBeth Therriault Everyone at SHED and SideFX who supported this production